This Wooden NES Controller Coffee Table is Perfect for Any Gamer


Are you a diehard gamer that stays up in the wee hours of the morning grinding through levels? Need some new furniture to show off your gamer passion, but with style? Then you need to check out this exquisite wooden NES controller-themed coffee table, designed by Bohemian Workbench

So yeah, it looks exactly like the classic NES controller, but the epic nature of this creation does not stop there. This table is fully functional! That’s right, you can use this table to control, even game on your Wii if you wanted to. On top of that, the Zapper also works! 

The table is made of premium grade curly maple, birdseye maple, African bubinga, and mahogany. All combined perfectly to give it that classy, yet handmade, look. 

But here is the kicker, the price for this table is…… $7,200.00! Yikes! I doubt anyone would be buying this anytime soon, unless you have some spare change laying around for those extra “fun” purchases. Regardless, this is still a fantastic creation and if you’re interested in buying it you can head over to their Etsy page


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