Chris Pine and Warwick Davis Talk STAR WARS: Episode VII

When Disney announced that J.J. Abrams would bring us Star Wars: Episode VII, the biggest worry fans had was the possibility that he wouldn't return to the Star Trek universe. Helming two of the biggest geek/sci-fi properties would be difficult. Even though Abrams is famous for being able to juggle television and film projects, he's also willing to let other people take over. After developing Lost, he quickly handed the reigns over to Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. When the chance to boldly go and reboot Star Trek came, he brought in Brad Bird to take over the Mission: Impossible franchise. 

So with Star Trek Into Darkness hitting theaters this May, we're left wondering if Abrams will return to direct Star Trek 3. We're not the only ones worried. Captain Kirk himself, Chris Pine, has expressed similar concerns. In an interview with USA Today the actor admitted, "The only way I'll be disappointed is if he doesn't direct our third movie." Abrams is only committed to produce the next Star Trek flick, and with Disney aiming for a 2015 release for Star Wars Episode VII, it's very much up in the air whether or not he'll come back to direct.

"I think if that turns out to be the case we'll have to kidnap him and hold him hostage until he agrees to do a third," Pine added jokingly. Kidnapping threats aside, Pine admits that he's excited to have Abrams kicking off a new Star Wars trilogy, "From my standpoint, J.J. is a science-fiction genius. To have him over in the Star Wars camp is going to be a great thing. I'm sure it's going to be a great film."

So as to not anger either camp, Pine quickly shot down the mention of a possible Captain Kirk cameo in Star Wars, "Now you're really playing with fire. I wouldn't say that even lightly."

A welcome and potentially history-making cameo however would come from Warwick Davis. The Return of the Jedi star (who also had a cameo appearance in The Phantom Menace) spoke to WhatCulture about the possibility of coming back for another Star Wars trilogy.

I’ve not been approached, but I’d love to do it. I think JJ Abrams is a great filmmaker and a great choice. I’d like to play a villain, and handling a lightsaber would be a bonus. Plus, it would mean I could claim to be the only actor to appear in all three trilogies- the original trilogy, the prequels and the sequels, I think they’re called. So I’ll be dropping hints to Mr. Abrams, oh yes! 

If Stan Lee can work his way into nearly every Marvel movie, certainly Warwick could be worked in somehow. How about the return of Warwick as the Ewok Wicket???

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