Henry Selick's SHADOW KING is Alive!

Movie by Joey Paur

A few months ago we reported with a sad heart that director Henry Selick's stop-motion animated film Shadow King was killed off by Disney. He tried to take it to Laika, but they passed on it as well. Disney spent $50 million developing the project before they shut it down. 

I'm now happy to report that it looks like The Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline director will be able to finish the project! Beasts of the Southern Wild producer Josh Penn is now attached to the project to help bring it back to life, and they will be taking it to the European Film Market in Berlin, where they will reveal some early footage that was already done. 

Selick also wrote the script for the film which "centers on a nine-year-old New York orphan who hides his strange hands with long fingers from a cruel world. When's he's taught how to make amazing hand shadows that come to life, his hands become weapons in a shadow war against a monster bent on killing his brother and ultimately destroying New York."

How freakin' awesome does that sound?! I'm shocked that Disney didn't follow through with it. I'm excited that this project is going to happen, and I'm looking forward to seeing what it ends up looking like. Selick is a master of the art of stop-motion, and I'm sure it will end up being as great as it sounds. 

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