Stacy Keach Cast in SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR

Stacy Keach (American History X) has signed to play a chief villain in Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. According to the report, Keach will play a mob boss named Wallenquist, described by Miller as "the one man who can't be redeemed in Sin City. He is pure evil." Keach is perfect for the role.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is based on the comic created by Miller, from a screenplay written by Academy Award winner William Monahan (The Departed). Bruce Wills, Rosario Dawson, Josh Brolin, Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba, Joseph Gordon LevittJamie KingJamie Chung, and Dennis Haysbert.

The plot for Sin City 2 comes from the stories A Dame To Kill For, Just Another Saturday Night, and a new one Miller wrote called The Long, Bad Night, which apparently centers on Alba's character, Nancy Callahan, who will be the connection between the two films.

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