theMulticast: The National Xbox Examiner + Developer of In Verbis Virtus

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On this week's show we welcome Alex Hinkley the Xbox fanboy himself! That actually could not be farther from the truth. Alex is the Xbox 360 Examiner over at Enjoy our light chat as we talk a little League of Legends, In Verbis Virtus, and of course Black Ops 2 again. Later in the show we give our last thoughts on THQ. One of the better game makers in the business. We share some fond memories of their legacy and wish their IPs and staff well in their futures. Thanks for the great titles over years, THQ.

After the break, we speak with Federico Mussetola of Indomitus Games. He and his team are developing the soon to be break out indie game, In Verbis Virtus. This game is sort of Elder Scrolls with Kinect. The best part about it is that it works! In Verbis Virtus is a really fun game and we got wake Federico up in Italy to talk about it. For more info about the game, you can hit up the Indomitus Games website or on their Steam page.

iPhone/ Android Apps of the Week

The Wild Kingdoms

  • Unique strategy play.
  • Stand out art work.
  • Easily resume and pause skirmishes. 

Stampede 3D 

  • Diablo meets League of Legends.
  • Unlimited replay value.
  • Level up you character and unlock new ones. 

Bumpin' Uglies 

  • 45 levels of challenges.
  • From the makers of Five Minutes to Kill Yourself.
  • Creative, cute, and weird.

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