Bruce Willis Says There Will Be a DIE HARD 6

Now I'm a big fan of the the first three Die Hard movies, but I didn't care for Live Free or Die Hard, and the next film, A Good Day to Die Hard looks ridiculously over the top. I'm hoping it will be entertaining, but we'll just have to wait and see. 

I guess everyone plans on the movie doing well at the box office because Bruce Willis has confirmed that there will be a sixth Die Hard film! He made the announcement during an appearance on BBC’s One Show. When asked if we would see Die Hard 6, Willis smiled, and simply said...


So there you have it! Die Hard 6 is on it's way! John McClane is seriously the unluckiness man in the world. I can only imagine that they will finally take the franchise into space. It will be like Armageddon... Die Hard style! They might as well. Where would you like to see the adventures of John McClane go next? 

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