EVIL DEAD's Jane Levy Joins Another Horror Film IN A DARK PLACE

Suburgatory and Evil Dead star Jane Levy has signed on to star in another horror movie thriller called In A Dark Place, which is being directed by Bharat Nalluri. She previously talked about how crazy an experience it was to shoot Evil Dead and have buckets of blood constantly dumped on her. In A Dark Place doesn't sound like it will be quite as insane, but it tell the story of a creepy doll that comes to life, so that's always fun.

According to THR, the thriller centers on "a young American woman who moves to England to become a governess of a porcelain doll, which the family treats as its own son. When the family leaves for a holiday, the woman begins to think the doll is haunted and may be alive." And that's because it probably is. 

Dolls are pretty freaky. I've got a couple little girls, and they are scared to death of dolls. Not sure why, but one day they were just scared to death of them, so I ended up boxing all of their dolls up. 

I wonder if Levy is going to work her way into the spot of the female face of modern-day horror films. 

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