Young Han Solo Concept Art from Lucasfilm

Here's some intresting concept art showing us what Lucasfilm's vision of a young Han Solo was. You may or may not know this, but George Lucas wanted to include a ten year old Han Solo in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, but it was ultimately cut from the story. Apparently his role in the film was to be a helpful kid raised by Chewbacca who helps find General Grievous’ location. 

The art you see here was done by Iain McCaig, who talked a little bit about his contribution in the book "The Art of Revenge of the Sith," saying...

It’s not in the script anymore, but we were told that Han Solo was on Kashyyyk and that he was being raised by Chewbacca. He’s such a persnickety guy later on – he always has to have the best of everything – so I thought it’d be great if when he was a kid, he was an absolute slob.

Solo had one line written into the script with Yoda, and this is how it played out...

HAN SOLO - "I found part of a transmitter droid near the east bay… I think it’s still sending and receiving signals."

YODA - "Good. Good. Track this we can back to the source. Find General Grievous, we might…"

They then proceed to track the signal to Utapau and locate Grievous. According to (via: /Film) this “slightly goes against the extended universe backstory that Solo saved Chewbacca from slavery while in the navy”. I'm kind of glad this scene never happened, there was no real point for it other than to say, "Hey look! It's a young Han Solo!"

I imagine the stand alone film they're developing will focus on an older Solo, probably in his early 20s, but that has yet to be seen.

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