Will Beall's JUSTICE LEAGUE Movie Script Scrapped?

We've all been wondering if Warner Bros. would actually be able to pull off a Justice League movie, and it looks like they are going to once gain be starting from scratch. According to a report made by Badass Digest multiple sources have confirmed that Warner Bros. has scrapped the script for the film written by Will Beall because it was "terrible." Some of the sources say that the movie will most likely fall apart and never happen, others think they will keep moving forward.

This is seriously ridiculous. There's a really awesome movie here with amazing characters, and it's sure to make the studio a ton of money. But, for some reason they can't figure out how to do it, or hire the right people to develop it. It is possible! This movie can be done, and it can be done right, they just need to find the right people to develop it. Apparently the reason they haven't been able to land a director is because of the script.

I guess that means everything we've heard about the film up to this point regarding the story and characters has also been scrapped. If the movie does get made though it will at least still include Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Green Lantern. 

The last we heard, the studio wanted to wait and see how Man of Steel performed before they moved forward with Justice League. Looks like that 2015 release date is going to be harder to hit at this point, if the movie even happens. I really want to see it, so I hope they can pull it together! 

Come on Warner Bros.! You're a solid studio, I know you can do this.

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