GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Producer on Rocket Raccoon And Groot

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy seems like it's coming together pretty quickly. Chris Pratt was recently cast as the lead character Star-Lord in the film, which is a perfect choice! I've been really curious on how they're going to handle the characters Rocket Raccon and Groot in the James Gunn directed film. In a recent interview (Via: Crave Online) producer Victoria Alonso gives a little insight on bringing these characters to life saying,

We’re going to do it the best way possible. We are going to hopefully wow [you]. The beautiful thing about it is technology is always on our side, so we’re I would say very deeply into developing the look and hopefully some motion tests are happening so that we can figure out how they move, but I think that we will put all hands on deck to make sure the fans are proud of those two characters.

She also briefly touched on the special effects that we'll see in Thor: The Dark World, hinting at a couple of CG characters that she won't reveal yet,

There are a couple of CG characters there that I couldn’t reveal at the moment but very soon I will. There's a lot of work in Thor because don’t forget, Thor is not of earth. So every time we’re into his world we’re in a completely different environment.

Who do you think these two full CG characters could be? 

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