PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5 to Have Illusion-O 3D Ghost Gimmick?

It looks like Paramount Pictures will be taking the Paranormal Activity franchise to a whole new level, and before you groan about the whole 3D thing, what they're doing could actually end up being cool. 

One of my favorite old school horror movie ghost stories was the 1960 movie 13 Ghosts (not the crappy remake made in 2001). I've never seen the movie on the big screen, but when it was originally presented to audiences in the '60s it was shown to them in what was called Illusion-O, and they had to have a red and blue 3D viewfinder to see the ghosts in the film. 

According to Bleeding Cool the studio is developing a high tech version of this Illusion-O idea for Paranormal Activity 5. There's no specific details, but basically audiences won't be able to see the ghosts in the movie without wearing 3D glasses. The site explains what  this all means,

With normal modern 3D specs this would mean that the ghost would have to be manifest only as volume, not surface detail. I don’t know if you can imagine such a thing, but think of a normal flat 2D image, then some of it would be “wrapped” around a 3D space to create the ghost. You could do this with a film meant to be seen in either 2D or 3D.

But I expect it’s not that. I expect they’ll make a variant on Real D glasses that have both lenses be the same. Then if the viewer watches through the specs they get one set of info, if they take them off, they get both sets of info.

This means that the “left eye frames,” say, could contain the ghost image. Watching without specs, you’d see left and right eye frames, and be able to catch the flickery ghost in the image.

I actually think this sounds like kind of a fun retro movie gimmick. I'd be interested to see how they end up making it work. It's actually sparked my interest in seeing this fifth Paranormal Activity movie being made. What do you think of the gimmick?

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