SINISTER 2 Moving Forward!

I really enjoyed Ethan Hawke's horror film Sinister, and I'm happy to report that we'll be getting a sequel! The first film was co-written by former Ain’t It Cool News writer C. Robert Cargill and director Scott Derrickson. Hawke played a crime novelist who ends up discovering a box of disturbing home movies in his attic of familys being brutally murdered. The family is then plunged into a supernatural nightmare of death. It definitely wasn't the feel good movie of the year.

The first movie was only made for about $3 million dollars, and ended up pulling in over $80 million at the box office, so it had a really good return. What's great about the sequel is that the original creators of the first film are coming back to develop it. Cargill and Derrickson will write the script for the film, but they will most likely bring in another director since Derrickson is going to be busy with the big screen adaptation of the video game Deus-Ex

There's no word on where the story will go, but I'm sure it will end up following the same formula of the first film.(Spoilers ahead).............. A new family will move into the house Ethan Hawke’s family was murdered in, one of the family members watches the box of films, including the footage of Hawke being hacked up into a bloody mess, and then they end up going through the same thing.

I really hope that isn't the case though. I hope they are able to come up with a fresh new idea that gives the story a new horrific twist. We'll eventually find out! Did you like the first movie? 

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