Park Chan-Wook on OLD BOY Remake

Korean director Park Chan-Wook isn't involved in Spike Lee's American adaptation of his film Old Boy, and he seems absolutely fine with that. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, he gave his comments on the film via translator, which can be found below.

I’m involved in the film as much as how I’d like if I were doing a remake of another filmmaker’s film, how I’d like that original filmmaker to be involved in my remake. That, in other words, is nothing. I’m not involved. I don’t really want to know anything about it. I want to close my eyes and close my ears to the remake. I want to go to the cinema as soon as it’s out and I want to be amazed.

At least he's respecting Lee's space and letting him do his own thing, although I wish he wouldn't. I'm personally of the camp that believes this movie shouldn't be remade, and is fine as is. If the only reason to remake this film is to appease those who despise reading subtitles or listening to English dubs, then he's pandering to the wrong audience to begin with. Anyone disagree?