ZELDA & Darksiders: Amazing PaperCraft Statues by Delirium

Zelda and Darksiders have often been compared for their similar approaches to gameplay, and now they can be compared yet again for their love of paper & tape.

Okay, not really. The credit for these outstanding papercraft statues goes to Delirium (minidelirium on Deviant Art), who put these together over hundreds of hours using nothing but paper and really strong tape. Zelda is 170 cm tall and took 226 hours to build, and it shows. The skirt alone with all of its ornamental details would be impressive enough, but her work on the hair and face is stellar as well.

War is a bit smaller at roughly 80 cm, but is even more detailed. The armor is ridiculous, and I would love to see some behind the scenes videos on the process of putting these together. If you're interested you can find a closer look at each piece of these statues on her Deviant Art page. Here's hoping we get to see more great work from her in the future.