As you know Little Miss Sunshine screenwriter Michael Arndt is currently writing the script for Star Wars: Episode VII. So here's an awesomely fun mashup poster created by Josh Lang called Little Miss Star Wars. This poster makes me happy, I hope you like it! Here's a note from the artist:

The moment I tried to capture was the main characters getting ready to hop into the Millenium Falcon and head out into the next movie (of course, the story for Ep VII will most likely not have them all in it, but I picked them in the absence of any real story details). I wanted to stay as true to the iconic LMS poster as I could, and adjusted the Millienium Falcon’s dimensions to better match the VW van. Picking which character would replace which was fun, and certain subtleties were serendipitous, like the similarity of vests between the characters of Alan Arkin and Harrison Ford. Although I included official logos and crew names at the bottom for a more realistic touch, this is of course just fan art and was not made for commercial purposes.

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