Sylvester Stallone Gives EXPENDABLES 3 Update

For those of you looking forward to The Expendables 3, we've got an update from the project for you from Sylvester Stallone. He took to his Twitter account to let us know what's going on with movie, and what we can expect to see in this epic action film franchise. Here's what he had to say...

Writing EX3 at the moment... there are going to be mountains of surprises.

EX3 needs NEW blood and more humor.... The films were always meant to be more on the humorous side with moments of drama.

I always felt that there was a good mix of humor added into the movies, it might not have always been good humor, but at least Stallone tried. I Thought Expendables 2 was loaded with lots of humor, so it's interesting that he wants to add even more. He goes on to talk about some of the casting saying...

No S. Seagal, sorry ,but maybe we get lucky with J. Chan! And some young bloods!!!

By young I mean 22 to 27. Not big bruisers but tech wizard, super brains and a young woman who is not a sex symbol but funny ,tough,REAL

I'd love to see Jackie Chan in this third movie! Stallone wanted him for The Expendables 2, but he couldn't do it because of scheduling. Chan previously said in another interview that he agreed to be in the third film on the condition that he "will be appearing as more than just a minor role with a few scenes."

I've enjoyed The Expendables films, they are ridiculously over-the-top, but that's why they entertain me. I'm looking forward to the third chapter! 

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