Colin Trevorrow Set to Direct JURASSIC PARK IV

Right after the speculation that Steven Spielberg might come back to direct Jurassic Park IV, producer Frank Marshall announced via Twitter that Safety Not Guaranteed director Colin Trevorrow is the man that will bring the dinosaurs back to life on the big screen! Marshall called the director "an exciting young filmmaker who understands and respects the world that is Jurassic Park."

It was previously rumored that he was up for the job of directing Star Wars Episode VII, but in reality he was really going to be directing Jurassic Park IV, which is still a very cool directing gig to land! When the rumors about him directing Star Wars were floating around he gave a statement saying, "To clarify, there is another film we all love that I'm currently trying not to mess up." 

I loved what he did with Safety Not Guaranteed, and although it wasn't a huge big budget special effects movie, the guy proved that he's a great storyteller. I'm sure he's going to do a great job bringing this fourth Jurassic Park film to life! I'm looking forward to seeing what they are planning for it!

Are you excited about who they got to direct Jurassic Park IV?

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