Disturbing Cyberpunk Short ANAMNESIS - Memories as Drugs

I've got a great short film for you to watch today! It's a well made Cyberpunk movie called Anamnesis, and it's got a pretty gritty and disturbing story. It revolves around the concept that memories can be turned into drugs, and explores how our memories make us who we are. Here's the synopsis...

In a cyberpunk future where memories are interchangeable, a desperate man finds his salvation in stealing whole lives to remake his past. As he reflects on a user that went too far he finds that the pieces of the past are difficult to put together and impossible to escape.

The short was directed Brad Champagne, co-written by Brady Nelson, and was made on a shoestring budget. I really liked this one, check it out and let us know if you liked it too!  

Anamnesis from Midnight Sun Films on Vimeo.


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