Will Steven Spielberg Direct JURASSIC PARK IV?

UPDATE: The Directing Gig went to Colin Trevorrow which makes this whole aritcle irrelevant. But you can read it if you want!

I'm curious to know why Universal Pictures hasn't announced who's directing Jurassic Park 4. The movie is gearing up for production, the studio is bringing together a crew, they have production offices, a fake production name, and rumor has it the film is set to start shooting this summer in Louisiana. Things are rolling forward, this movie is happening, so who will be at the helm? The studio has to have a director on board and ready to go otherwise they wouldn't have taken it this far. 

So why is the studio keeping it a secret? Drew McWeeny over at HitFix has an interesting theory that Steven Spielberg could be coming back to direct the project. Now Spielberg has said in previous interviews that he is only producing, and not directing, but that doesn't mean he can't change him mind. After all he did recently postpone his other film Robopocalypse, was it so he could fit Jurassic Park 4 into his schedule? It's possible, but you never know.

HitFix says that even the crew that is being hired aren't being told who the director is. They also suggest that the studio is waiting to make the director announcement until after the original 1993 film gets its 3D re-release. It would be amazing if Spielberg came back to direct this fourth film! I'd love that! 

Now if the studio is looking to bring in a new director to take on the project, they speculate that it could possibly go to Joseph Kosinksi who just directed Oblivion for the studio. But I've heard that Kosinski will start work on the next Tron sequel when he's finished with Oblivion

Producer Frank Marshall has been actively talking about the film on his Twitter account, saying things like there's no final decision on where JP4 will shoot. And just yesterday he said, "All's well on JP4, updates soon." So I guess we'll just have to patiently wait and see what kind of updates we'll get. 

Would you like to see Spielberg back for Jurassic Park 4? If they did decided to bring in a new director to take it on, who would you like that director to be? 

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