Radical BATMAN BEYOND Character Designs from Kizer Stone

One of my favorite artists Kizer Stone has taken the opportunity to create some really fun character designs for Batman Beyond. I love the designs he's come up with and like a lot of Stone's illustrations I'd love to see these brought to life in an animated series. Look over the designs he's done so far and tell us what you think of them!

Here's a note for the Batman design you see above:

Can anyone say minimalism...lol! Thought of making Terry Mcginnis as a slightly older dude right out of high-school. This extremely temporary outfit that Terry chooses doesn't differ much with the previous in terms of the skin tights but design and functionality wise it's a bit diff. 

Meet Terry new college friendo Mr. Bart Allen. Thought of Bart here as a sly, nonchalant carefree dude that may live in 2026 but grew up on a healthy number of old school 80's flicks watched by his dad. That could be one reason he looks very Marty Mcfly-ish here. 

By inventing a way for his clothing to change in color with special touch sensitive gloves as the trigger, he doesn't have to do much to go from a very lax Bart to a metabolically hyper-charged Flash. 

Cal Jordan..yet another buddy of Mcginnis. Usually the younger dudes under the age of 16 don't usually get a ring. Now the son of a legendary Lantern by the name of Hal Jordan?....less likely. Unless your born and destined to be even greater than your old man.

Statik Shock. Teenage daughter of Static Shock that befriends Terry after Static goes missing. She takes on her fathers name until he's found.

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