Will Christian Bale Play Moses in Ridley Scott's EXODUS?

It looks like FOX is gearing up to get Ridley Scott's Moses movie Exodus into production as soon as they can. According to Deadline the studio and director are looking to get Christian Bale on board to play the legendary prophet. It's not set in stone, but it sounds like they'll take him if they can get him.

Scott is looking to jump on the project as soon as he's finished with The Counselor. The original script for the film was written by Adam Cooper and Bill Collage, and a rewrite was just completed by Steve Zaillian. The script has the studio excited to get rolling.

There's no details on what part of the biblical story the film will focus on, but I imagine it will be the big epic part of him freeing his people from bondage. Scott is the perfect director for this, I love the period epics that he's made like Gladiator and Kingdom of Heaven. From those I can imagine the look and feel or what we'll see in Exodus.

As for Bale playing Moses, I think he'd be awesome! He's got the look of a biblical prophet, and has got a solid booming voice. At one point he was up for the part of Noah in Darren Aronofsky's Bible film, so this is the actor's second chance at getting to play a prophet of God. I hope he takes it! 

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