Awesomely Detailed Hand Drawn Posters for Classic Cult Movies

ArtPosterMovie by Joey Paur

Check out this fantastic series of hand drawn pencil poster art for some of our favorite classic cult films. The art was created by Matt Warren, and it includes movies such as Alien, Drive, Pulp Fiction, Chinatown, True Romance, Taxi Driver, Reservoir Dogs, The Professional, Kill Bill, Psycho, and more! Here's an explanation of the series...

Established in 2012, The Exiled Elite provide pencil drawn alternative movie posters of cult and classic films.  Every poster is crafted out of a passion and love for film, art, and illustration.  

The finished result is a limited edition print of a much loved film poster. The chosen films are selected by their cult status and relevance in pop culture.  The design and composition of the posters are influenced by the characters and themes of the films, and draw inspiration from the movies color palette and imagery. 

The Exiled Elite strive to provide excellent quality posters drawn to the best standard possible. Each pencil mark is visible offering a unique product which stands out amongst the mass produced alternatives. 

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