DEATH WISH Remake Has a New Director

Movieby Joey Paur

A-Team director Joe Carnahan was at one point set to helm the remake of Death Wish for Paramount and MGM but dropped out of the project. Apparently the reason was because the studio wanted Bruce Willis to star in the film, and he didn't. The studios are also looking at possibly casting Brad Pitt and Will Smith.

The studios still want to make the movie and they are going to hire Gerardo Naranjo to replace Carnahan. I was exicted to see what Carnahan's vision of this movie would be, there's no doubt it would have kicked ass. But I have no idea who this director is. He made a movie The Mountains Between Us, which is currently being developed at FOX. It will be interesting to see what his vision for the remake is. 

Death Wish is a 1974 film franchise  starring Charles Bronson, and it tells the story of Paul Kersey, a liberal architect who morphs into an assassin after his wife is killed and daughter is raped by hoodlums. He then undertakes a one-man mission to hurt and kill a host of criminals on the streets of New York.