Simon Pegg on STAR TREK's Manipulative Villain and New Photo

In the latest issue of Empire Magazine Simon Pegg offers up a little more information on John Harrison, the villain played by Benedict Cumberbatch in Star Trek Into Darkness. We also have a new photo for you featuring Dr. McCoy possibly getting a blood sample from John Harrison. When asked about the villain in the film here's what Pegg had to say,

It’s a modern take on terrorism in a way. It looks at why Benedict is doing what he’s doing. There are motives that make you think he’s not a bad guy and alliances form. All the time we’re being puppeteered by this John Harrison, even Kirk falls for it. He manipulates us as much as the audience.

I love bad guys that aren't really bad guys, it makes things complicated and emotions run high. Is there a chance some of us fans will be sympathetic to what Harrison is doing in the film? Of course Cumberbatch also adds his two cents and talks about working with J.J. Abrams, and gives us some insight on what the director is like:

J.J. is truly irritatingly talented. He’s focused and passionate but at the same time he’s got a killer sense of humour, stand up level very sharp. He’s a polymath & a doodler. He’ll say “what do you think of that?” And by the end of the week it’s a Nickelodeon cartoon. He sculpts 3D sculptures on his iPad and then beat boxes in his downtime. He has a superlative light and energy.

Sounds like a pretty cool guy to know. From what I've seen it looks like he did a hell of a job bringing us another badass Star Trek movie! It's set to hit theaters on May 17th!

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