Bruce Campbell Talks ARMY OF DARKNESS 2!

One day Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell are finally going to make that Evil Dead 4/Army of Darkness 2 movie! Apparently Raimi is going to start writing it this summer with his brother, and I hope they come up something badass! Both Raimi and producer Rob Tapert have talked about it, and now Campbell himself weighs in on the highly anticipated film! When asked about it in a recent interview with Empire the actor said,

The reception to this movie [Fede Alvarez' remake] has been pretty good so far, so it encouraged Sam and I to go, 'well crap, maybe we should dust the old chainsaw off', " laughs Campbell. "If this movie helps us make another Army Of Darkness – Army Of Darkness 2 – then so be it.

So there's another positive thing that comes from making the remake! Because of the remake we are probably going to get that fourth Evil Dead movie starring Campbell! He goes on to say,

Evil Dead IV, Army Of Darkness 2... however you want to slice it. It’s random ideas in Sam’s head. Let’s not go crazy here. He’s just finished doing Oz, and he’s going to take some time off and he says he’s going to work on it this summer with his brother. He could be smoking cigars at a lakeside cabin for all I know, or he might actually be working, who knows?

When asked where he thinks the next movie should start off he explained,

I would think the post-Apocalyptic because it gives great possibilities for an Omega Man movie, and who he might be fighting against. It would be a very interesting world. But I’m fine either way. I’m sure Sam will concoct some ridiculous story and an outrageous journey, so I don’t really care where it starts and ends.

The fun thing is working again with Sam Raimi. That’s the only reason to do these incredibly difficult movies than work for a guy who you really like working with and who you respect.

He goes on to discus the character Ash explaining that he isn't to be directed by anyone other than Raimi, and he's excited to pick up the blood stained chainsaw after 20 years!

He’d still be an idiot and a loser and a blagger," laughs Campbell. "I look forward to him coming back and screwing things up all over again!

So do I! If this movie happens, and I'm pretty confident that it will, it's going to be gloriously awesome!