Secret MAN OF STEEL Villain Confirmed! - Spoilers

I seriously don't think this is a SPOILER of any kind, but I'm throwing the warning out there just in case to cover my ass. So if you don't want to know what secret villain has been confirmed for Zack Snyder's Man of Steel don't read ahead, but the fact that you clicked through to read the article tells me that you want to know so here ya go!

A couple of days ago we posted a quote from screenwriter David Goyer about the decision to leave Lex Luthor out of this latest Superman film. Instead of explaining why the villain wasn't included though, Goyer said this...

I don’t think anyone has [ever] confirmed that we haven’t included him.

It essentially led us to believe that Lex would be in the film. Well, thanks to AICN, it looks like we now have confirmation that Lex is going to the be in the movie. Their source says that Lex will be played by an actor named Mackenzie Gray who happened to play a Luthor clone in Smallville. They go on to say that this won't be a goofy version of the character, but he will be an "ambitious, ego driven and cold version of Luthor." Here's a video in which the actor confirms he's in the movie, but can't say who. He starts talking about it at about the minute mark,

The site collected a good amount of evidence, and all signs point to Mackenzie Gray playing Lex in the film. Still no information on how big the role is, but apparently it's big enough to establish the character as being ambitious, ego driven, and cold. What do you think about this bit of Man of Steel news? Here's a photo of the actor when he was on Smallville...

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