Adorably Twisted Zombie Horror Short Film - DEAD FRIENDS

Check out this adorably twisted zombie horror short called Dead Friends directed by Stephen W. Martin. I guess you can consider this a holiday short as well because the main character carries an Easter Bunny stuffed animal around with her. The story follows a bullied little girl who brings a little boy back from the dead. The film ended up being pretty solid; I liked the outcome. At the nine minute mark, you'll see one of the best kid psycho faces ever!

Nine year old Lola Turtle's only companion is her treasured and tattered stuffed bunny, Mister Wimperbottom... until she finds a way to grow her very own 'Dead' best friend.

The director says that the short was shot in two days and completed in eight days from beginning to end for the Crazy 8's film festival in Vancouver. Check it out and let us know what you think of it! 

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