EVIL DEAD Remake and Original EVIL DEAD Franchise Could Merge!

Movie Evil Dead by Joey Paur

Producer Bruce Campbell and director Fede Alvarez showed up at WonderCon yesterday and showed off some more insane footage from their upcoming horror film Evil Dead, which is going to scare the shit out of people. After they showed off the new footage they talked about the film and the franchise. A fan asked Campbell if we would see the new Evil Dead remake merge with the old Evil Dead. Campbell told Alvarez that he should answer the question, and his answer was something that I think every Evil Dead fan would want to see!

Alvarez said his dream would be to see the two franchises end up combining into one horrific movie blood bath. He revealed that he'd like to make a sequel to the remake he just finished filming while Sam Raimi worked on making Army of Darkness 2, and then after that the two Evil Dead worlds would collide in an epic seventh movie to which Campbell replied with a grin... "I think seven is a nice number." 

This actually sounds like a plan that Raimi and Campbell could get behind! If this remake does well, there's a very strong possibility that this Evil Dead crossover movie could happen! It's exciting to think of the possibilities! While they're at it, they should also throw in the female characters from Drag Me To Hell!

There's no confirmation that this is the actual plan, Alvarez made it clear that he was not speaking officially and that this was just his dream for the franchise. If it happens though, I'll gladly take it! Raimi is planning on writing Army of Darkness 2 this summer.

This was the most entertaining panel at WonderCon, Campbell is so quick witted and really entertained the crowd. We'll have the full panel for you to watch soon, so stay tuned for that!

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