INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US: Arena Battles Give a Closer Look at Sinestro & Hawkgirl


Even if I disagree with how one of them played out (Hawkgirl would kick Green Arrow's ass, sorry Charlie), the arena battles that NetherRealm has been promoting leading up to the title's April release have been highly entertaining, even if just to give a better idea of how each combatant handles.

The latest two battles spotlight some of the recently announced characters, namely Hawkgirl and Sinestro. Hawkgirl is all power, but has just enough quickness to not be a walking punching bag. I love the sound of the mace when it hits, and I dig the redesign of her costume. Likewise I was really pleased with what I saw of Sinestro's combat. The parallax like claws that come out of his back and the various ring constructs impressed, but I'm not crazy about the tweaks to his costume. Like Green Lantern, the costume is all about simplicity, and neither redesign left me with a very good impression. Regardless he looks fun to play. Peep the two arena battles below (as well as some extra screens) to get a closer look at them as well as a few of the new environments. 

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