Red-Band Trailer for DEAD MAN DOWN with Collin Farrell

Here's a great new Red-Band trailer for Niels Arden Oplev's new film Dead Man Down, which stars Colin Farrell, Noomi Rapace, Dominic Cooper, and Terrence Howard. This is the first English language film directed by the Swedish filmmaker who also directed Rapace in the original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo film trilogy.

This movie looks like it could be a solidly intense movie. There's some more new footage packed into this trailer, and there are some pretty awesome looking shots. Looks like Oplev did a solid job with this one, and I'm looking forward to seeing it. Here's the synopsis,

Colin Farrell joins the prestigious team as brave enforcer Victor, right hand man to an underground crime lord in New York City. He seeks to avenge the death of his wife and daughter caused by his boss. When his employer is threatened by a mysterious killer, Victor also becomes detective. Victor is seduced and blackmailed by Beatrice (Noomi Rapace), a victim turned avenger whose intense chemistry leads them spiraling into payback delivered in violent catharsis. From producer Neal Moritz (The Fast and the Furious franchise, I Am Legend) and Joel Wyman (Fringe, Keen Eddie) comes a triumphant action thriller, a powerful portrait of the relationship between two people caught in the crosshairs of revenge.

Dead Man Down hits theaters on March 8th, 2013.

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