New Trailer for BBC's Zombie Series IN THE FLESH

BBC has released another new trailer for their very different and very good looking new zombie series In The Flesh. It's nothing like The Walking Dead, and it has a really interesting and cool twist that kind of sets it apart from anything else that we've seen from a zombie movie or TV series. They've created a really interesting world which features a recovering zombie who is going through a rehabilitation process. Here's a description of the story,

Set in the aftermath of a zombie outbreak in the UK, the series will follow Kieren (Luke Newberry), a dead teenager who was resurrected as a zombie and has since been rehabilitated somehow by the British government (they apparently call his condition "Partially Deceased Syndrome"). As Kieren attempts to re-enter society (while surrounded by people whose friends and relatives he just ate), he continues to struggle with the old urges that come with being a shambling undead cannibal. 

The series is set to debut on BBC Three on Sunday, March 17th. Not sure when or if it'll hit the USA, but hopefully it eventually does. Here's the new trailer!

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