POLTERGEIST Remake to be Made by MONSTER HOUSE Director

Like it or not, MGM is moving forward with their remake of Poltergeist. I was really hoping this movie wouldn't happen, but they've hired Monster House director Gill Kenan to to direct it. 

The original movie is one of my favorite horror films of all time, and it's going to be incredibly hard to live up to it. I think a remake would make sense if there were a way to make it the story better, but I hold Poltergeist on a high pedestal when it comes to horror films, and I honestly can't see how it can be improved. 

The remake of the 1982 Tobe Hooper-directed film is being produced by Sam Raimi. I'm a huge fan of Raimi, but even with his involvement with the project I'm still sketchy about it--it still doesn't seem right. 

Kenan also directed the movie City Of Ember, and he set up an original film over at the Henson Company, called A Giant. If these guys are able to bring us a better Poltergeist film than the original I'll be shocked, but I'll also give them props because it's going to be extremely hard.

If any of you haven't seen Poltergeist yet, drop what you're doing and watch it now!

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