Gamer Hacks an NES Console to Remove Annoying Co-Workers from Office


Are you a gamer that’s stuck in their 9-to-5 constantly thinking about getting home to get some games in, meanwhile someone keeps coming into your office to annoy you? Well, you are not alone in the least bit. 

Mark Rober, a very popular YouTube-r with over 9 million views, is just like you. So he decided to take his already gaming-focused office up to the next level, by hacking an NES console into a countdown clock. The countdown clock is for the sole purpose of giving that person who comes into your office a limited amount of time before they need to get the hell out. 

Basically it works like this:

  1. Co-worker comes into your office and the countdown clock on the NES is activated via motion sensor.
  2. As the time progresses, the old school Super Mario theme song plays in the background.
  3. When there are 100 seconds left, the Super Mario “fast” music starts (you know, the music you would hear when you are about to run out of time in the game).
  4. As soon as the time is up, the Super Mario death music plays and your co-worker needs to get the hell out of your office. 

Sure, this is almost pointless to really do. Only because you could just as easily tell a person to leave. But for the simple novelty of this hack, it’s pretty awesome. What’s even greater is that you can swap out the Mario music with whatever music you want thanks to an SD card slot that was built into it. 

If you are thinking about building one of these for yourself, you can  download the code and other files over at Dropbox. Then you can get a full list of required parts over at the Adafruit website


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