Major Character Returns for THE WALKING DEAD Season 4 - Spoilers

If you haven't watched the season finale of The Walking Dead yet, don't read any further because the fact that a certain character is coming back for season 4 could be considered a SPOILER.

Before I get into who is coming back, I just want to say that I was disappointed in the season finale. This whole season has been leading up to a crazy confrontation between Rick's group and The Governor's group, and the whole build up just fizzled out at the end! We were waiting for the big explosion only to have someone put out the fuse. I was let down; I consider it to be the worst episode of Season 3. 

The Governor survived and ran away, and THR confirms that David Morrissey will be back to reprise his role in Season 4.The character doesn't survive the prison showdown in the comic, but as you all know the TV series is very different from the comic. I think most of us thought we were going to get a brutal showdown at the prison that left the Governor dead, but obviously that's not what happened. 

Looking on the bright side of things, Morrissey is a magnificent actor, The Governor is a fantastic great character, and hopefully they can make up for that lame season 3 finale. 

If you watched last night's episode, what did you think of how the season ended? 

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