ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Season 4 Teaser Posters

Netflix has released a fun set of teaser posters for the long awaited fourth season of Arrested Development. The posters are a throw back to the to the early seasons of the classic comedy series. As you'll see each poster includes something specific for each character. I'm so excited to see where these characters are in their lives!

Arrested Development centers around Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman) and his eccentric family comprised of his son George Michael (Michael Cera), his father George Bluth Sr. (Jeffrey Tambor), his mother Lucille (Jessica Walter), his brothers George Oscar Bluth II (Will Arnett), Buster Bluth (Tony Hale) and sister Lindsay Funke (Portia de Rossi), and Lindsay's husband Tobias (David Cross) and their daughter Maeby (Alia Shawkat).

The new episodes of Arrested Development debut Sunday, May 26th at 12:01am in territories Netflix is available, including the United States, the UK, Latin America, Canada, Brazil, and the Nordics.



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