Joseph Kosinski Says TRON 3 Delivers on the Promise of TRON: LEGACY

Tron 3 is currently in the script and concept design phase of development. Disney still has yet to give it an official greenlight, but that will eventually come. In the mean time, it's just gearing up for pre-production. Director Joseph Kosinski is currently making the press rounds for his new sci-fi film Oblivion, but everyone also wants to know about Tron 3

Empire Magazine caught up with the filmmaker recently and asked about the title. He says they have one, but won't reveal it. As of right now the working title is TR3N. He's then pressed for a little more information on the film project, and this is what he said...

Tron 3 delivers on the promise of Tron Legacy, particular the final scenes. There's a big clue there as to where we'll go with the next one. There's some characters we establish at the beginning of Tron Legacy who have a much larger role in Tron 3.

It's safe to say that one of the characters he's talking about is Cillian Murphy's Edward Dillinger Jr. When asked about the IMAX aspect of Tron 3 he said,  "I love IMAX as a format. So, yes, absolutely. It will be an IMAX film."

Tron: Legacy was such a cool movie, and I'm excited to where they plan to take the story, and how it's executed. Check out the video interview below!

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