Sylvester Stallone Wants Mel Gibson to Direct THE EXPENDABLES 3

I don't care what anyone says; all Mel Gibson craziness aside, the guy is one hell of a talented filmmaker. Sylvester Stallone recognizes that talent, and it seems like he's looking to possibly hire him to direct The Expendables 3! Stallone recently tweeted out the following,

Most of the comments seem to be on the positive side. It looks like a lot of people would love to see Gibson take on an Expendables movie, and why the hell not?! I think it would be a fun project for him to work on! I kind of hope this team-up actually happens. Maybe Gibson will even make an appearance in the film, who knows. 

All I know is I really wanted to see that Viking movie he was developing with Leonardo DiCaprio. It seems like that is never going to happen. 

Would you like to see Gibson direct The Expendables 3


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