TVStar Warsby Joey Paur

As you know, Lucasfilm and Disney recently pulled the plug on Star Wars: The Clone Wars and a few other Star Wars related series and video games. They said they were going to replace Clone Wars with a new series, and it looks like we have our first look at what that new series will be, and I love it!

The first few pages of a story and character bible for a new series called Star Wars: Reclamation were posted on IMDB that not only give us some details on what the series will be about but they also offer clues to what we might end up seeing in Star Wars: Episode VII

The story takes place fifteen years after Return of the Jedi - and from what it sounds like, fifteen years or so before Episode VII. As the series bible says, this is supposed to be "an all-new story designed to introduce the audience to themes and characters pivotal to Episode VII and beyond."

Of course, there's always the possibility that this could be a hoax, but it still sounds like it could be pretty damn cool! Check it out!

There's a lot of cool characters introduced here, and I like where they're taking the story, it sounds like it could be a fantastic show, and I hope it's real. One of the most interesting characters included is The Shade, who I believe is actually Luke Skywalker. What do you think of all this!?