5 Reasons Why A BATMAN BEYOND Film Should Happen Next


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The more Batman Beyond I watch on Netflix the more I'm convinced that this would make a stellar next installment in the Batman movies. I loved the show as a kid, and like many other DC animated series of the era, I've grown and found the series still appeals to me in adulthood. Sure Terry McGinnis is no Bruce Wayne, and the story lines can get a bit angsty, but it's still pretty damn good. In my spree of watching, I've compiled a list of five reasons why a BB movie should and needs to happen. 

5. The Character Terry McGinnis and What He Brings To Batman

Like I mentioned earlier, Terry McGinnis is no Bruce Wayne, but that's what makes it interesting. When it comes to Batman, Bruce makes it all too easy. He's a billionaire orphan shut-in with all the time in the world to go out and do his thing, such is not the case with Terry. Terry still has his mother and little brother to look after (his father was murdered by "The Jokers"), school work to attend to, and a social life. In terms of character, his citizen life in a way mirrors Peter Parker in the Spiderman movies. While that conflict can turn droll and annoying pretty quick, I think it really would tie well into the struggle of becoming The Batman in ways seldom explored by Bruce.

Another great thing about Terry is that he doesn't always go by the book Batman. His youth and generally confident attitude tend to betray him and always make for some interesting scenarios. It would be nice to see an imperfect Batman on the big screen. Case in point? Batman Year One.

4. It Handles the Awkward Passing of The Bat Torch

First you had West, who was followed by Keaton. Awesome no worries there, everyone loved it. Then you followed Keaton with Kilmer and people weren't entirely happy with the transition, but they still bit. So Hollywood, rushing to get out the next Batman blockbuster, sends in Clooney (Kilmer was committed to another movie when they rushed Batman & Robin into production) and BAM! We don't see Batman for another 8 years. In comes Christian Bale, who not only revitalized The Batman, but was also a big part in re-characterizing the role to a main stream audience. Basically, he is what people see as Batman now, and he's going to be damn hard to replace. So why not go a different direction with a new story, and give the audience time to simmer on the Batman trilogy. Either way it's going to "not be the same" so you might as well make it different.

3. The Villains

You don't have to burden yourself with realism in Neo-Gotham. It's the future! They have genetic splicing, ultra radiation, and all sorts of rad stuff that is turning people into crazy looking super villains! While there are plenty of new villains, there are also many homages to old-school villains such as the gang known as "The Jokers" that can be appreciated. Some villains, like the Royal Flush Gang and Mr. Freeze, are still around! Probably the best thing about the villains in Neo-Gotham is they can usher back in that whimsical element that the animated versions of Batman always trumped the films in, and do it in a way that doesn't come off as cheesy.

2. The Bat-Suit

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Future Gotham also equals future tech, which is good both for the new Batman and for us. The new Bat-Suit, when compared to the previous incarnations offers a tremendous strength upgrade which allows Terry to go head to head in ways Bruce never could. It's not unlimited strength, but it does allow him to take on some giant thugs when spotted, and when you're just starting out as Batman...you're going to get spotted. No more Bat-grappling when you have rocket boosters on your heels and gliders to sweep across the night skies with. Hell, with this suit he can put his thumb on a glass window and hear a conversation being had on the other side! While he may not don as many of the classic gadgets as the Batman of yore, it's more than fair to say the suit itself in Batman Beyond IS a gadget...and quite an awesome one at that.


It's been talked to death on this and several other blogs about how awesome this would be to see, and it bears repeating. Clint Eastwood and Michael Keaton always seem to be the go-to's for fans, but I think just about anyone could make the role fantastic. It's not about who plays the role, but how they play the role. You have a hardened old man in his twilight years fighting a battle against crime he is consistently losing as time progresses. Yet he continues, helps when he can, and fights crime for no other reason than to tell evil "F*** you. I'm still here." Play Old Bruce like that and you can't go wrong.

Any other things you wish to add or disagree with? Comment away!


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