DEXTER Season 8 - First Clip and Final Season Confirmed

Showtime has released the first sneak peek clip from Dexter season 8. Along with the 2-minutes of footage, they also confirm that this will indeed be the final season of Dexter. I've enjoyed watching Dexter over the years, it has been one of my favorite shows. It's sad to see that it's coming to an end, but it was expected, and we all know it had to happen sometime. Hopefully they will be able to end it on a note that the fans will be happy with! It's pretty exciting to know that the fate of Dexter will soon be known. 


The clip that was released features an exchange between Deb and Dexter in which we learn that Deb had been avoiding her foster brother. She hasn't talked to him in weeks and even skipped out on LaGuerta's memorial. She seems to be shutting everyone out, and she claims she's working a case.

The series is set to return on June 30th! Here's the clip...

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