Fantastically Creepy STAR WARS Fan Art by Gris Grimly

ArtMovie Star Wars by Joey Paur

Check out this amazingly terrific fan art by Gris Grimly, which gives Star Wars a very cool, creepy vibe. I absolutely love the artist's style. Each piece was done in watercolor and ink. I hope the artist ends up doing some more Star Wars inspired art like this. I've included notes from the artist for each piece. This one explains the illustration above...

It represents a time period shortly after episode three, before Darth Vader becomes a stoic leader. At this time, he is an angry loose cannon who ruthlessly fights alongside the storm troopers. Inspiration derives from Friday the 13's Jason and Frank Miller's 300.

It features Yoda on the verge of being attacked by a Dagobah creature and quick to draw his lightsaber.

It's the familiar ATTACK OF THE DIANOGA in the trash compactor scene from the first Star Wars movie (episode IV). Although, I've taken the liberty to tell my own story here where Princess Leia is by herself (distressed like classic heroine) and being checked out by multiple Dianoga creatures. Typical.

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