Final Fantasy Versus XIII has truly become the Duke Nukem Forever of our generation. It's rather puzzling how it got to this point. In a time where Square has seen the Final Fantasy brand fall from its once high perch, and profits for the company overall dwindle, you would think the plug would have already been pulled if the game was a true turkey. MIA aside from a leak or two since 2006, a great deal of money has been invested, so maybe that's why, but honestly no one really knows outside of Square.

All I do know is I still want it. I know, call me crazy, but if Square has let it go on for this long then there must be something else to this title than return on investment. The game must show some sort of promise, and it does have quite a bit going for it. Seeing the gameplay (below) reminds me of FF XII mixed with KH2, which is pretty sweet on its own (and it makes sense since the KH team is the one developing it). The modern mixed with the fantastical has always been a hallmark of the series, and that is very apparent here, with a touch more modern than usual (and even more brooding, which is stunning in itself).

It looks fantastic, but then so do a lot of titles. As we learned from Operation Rainfall, as good as they look they might not all be winners (as 2 of the 3 titles have been very divisive among critics). Maybe I'm just setting myself up for disappointment, but it's a risk I'm willing to take.

If it's real, consider it pre-ordered.


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