Justice Magazine Portraits by Artgerm


Maybe its simply the format, but I absolutely love this series of portraits from Artgerm (aka Stanley Lau). Spotlighting the new 52 versions of the characters, the pieces mimic a newsstand magazine to a tee, including character specific bylines. Artgerm's digital work is impressive on its own, but there is just something about the format that makes me that extra bit of giddy. Supergirl is stunning, and Wonder Woman's "I'm gorgeous, but I could still kick your ass" expression is priceless.

Sadly, due to workload he won't be able to update this series for awhile, but at least we have these three to enjoy for the time being. You can head over to his Deviant Art page to find more of his work.

Who else would you like to see on the cover of Metropolis' bestselling supermag?

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