THE WALKING DEAD - Our Favorite Memes from the Hit TV Show

AMC’s The Walking Dead came to a close for Season 3 this past Sunday. Many people didn’t seem to like the finale. It's understandable, how can you really live up to the epic finale that happened in Season 2? Nevertheless, we got the story that the writers and showrunners wanted to tell. 

One thing that Season 3 did give us was some great meme-tastic (yeah, I just made that up) moments. Our good friends over at The Walking Dead Memes and The Laughing Dead on Facebook have been putting out some fantastic moments. We have included some of our favorites (with a few of them from Season 2) below for you to check out. Which one of these stands out as the best to you? 

Now we forewarn you, if you haven’t watched the full season, some of these might contain spoilers. So with that said, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED :)


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