IRON MAN 3 - Marvel Not Interested in Tony Stark's Drinking Issues

For some reason, a lot of fans are interested in Marvel exploring Iron Man's "Demon in a Bottle" comic book storyline. Favreau kind of touched on the subject in Iron Man 2, but Marvel wasn't interested in revisiting Tony Stark's hard drinking issues in the third movie. In a recent interview with Comic Book Movie, Iron Man 3 director Shane Black was asked what Iron Man storyline the studio axed, and this is what he had to say,

The drinking. Even if you look at the websites of the mommy bloggers they say, you know, 'Watch out, mom's! Tony drinks in this movie!' It's amazing. There's one or two scenes in this movie where he picks up a drink and it'll be in those blogs...

I think we were just told by the studio that we should probably paint Tony Stark as being kind of an industrialist and a crazy guy, or even a bad guy at some points, but the Demon in a Bottle stuff of him being an alcoholic wouldn't really fly. I don't blame that.

Stark's alcoholism is too dark for the Marvel and Disney movie brand. It makes sense, and I get it. After all, Marvel wants these moms to take their kids to the movies. You can still make an entertaining comic book movie without a drunk as the main character. You'll see for yourself when you see Iron Man 3, in my opinion it's the best out of the three Iron Man films.

What do you think about Marvel not wanting to touch on Stark's alcohol issues? 

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