Scarlett Johansson Joins Luc Besson's Action Thriller LUCY

Scarlett Johansson is going to kick some major ass in Luc Besson's latest action thriller film project called Lucy. Besson, who wrote and directed films such as The Professional, Taken, The Fifth Element, and The Transporter, will direct the movie from a script he wrote. 

The story "centers on a woman forced to become a drug mule. But the drug instead goes into her system, transforming her into an ass-kicking machine. She can absorb knowledge instantaneously, is able to move objects with her mind and can't feel pain and other discomforts."

It definitely sounds like a movie Besson would make! This seems like a crazy role for Johansson to take on. Yeah, we've all seen her ballistically beat the hell out of people as Black Widow, but Besson is going to take that action-packed craziness to a whole new level with her in Lucy. Besson knows how to entertain his audience. 


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