MAN OF STEEL - Amy Adams Discusses Her Take on Lois Lane

In a recent interview with Empire, Amy Adams discussed how her new, modern take on Lois Lane differs from the way the character has been portrayed in the past by other actresses. You many or may not know this, but Adams has auditioned for the role of Lois Lane two times before with two separate Superman film productions before she landed it in Man of Steel. I like the fact she was cast in the movie, I'm sure she'll end up being perfect in the film. When talking about the character she said,

I have always identified with Lois. She is suited to my personality. When she came up for the third time, I was like, 'Okay, this is ridiculous. I have to play Lois'. I know other people have played the role, and others will play the role after me, but this was me putting my stamp on it.

She goes on to say that Man of Steel will feature a Lois Lane who is an "independent, feisty woman... but set in a more identifiable world." That's always been a good description of Lane, but this time around she won't be the damsel in distress that we've seen before like with Margot Kidder. Adams goes on to reveal more about how the character has changed...

I loved that version, but we have moved on. She has become more a free ranging journalist, someone who likes to be hands on. The nature of the newspaper business has changed so much. There is so much more pressure.

She doesn't really give anything away, but when asked about her and Clark's relationship she says that it's "a strong friendship." Of course their relationship in strong. It's good to know they didn't change that aspect of the story and characters. 

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