New Villain Revealed for GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY!

We've got more news for Guardians of the Galaxy to share with you today! This time a new villain has been revealed thanks to our friends at Latino-Review. They say that that Basil Sandhurst aka The Controller will be one of the villains in the film, and that he'll be Thanos' main henchman and ambassador. So it looks like Thanos will also play a part in the film's story as we expected. It will be interesting to see how big of a role he'll play. His presence might be brewing in the background like in The Avengers, using The Controller as his mouthpiece, or he might have a bigger role. One thing is for sure, it will lead into the Avengers 2

I imagine some of you don't know who this character is. The Controller specializes in mind control and is frequently taking on Tony Stark. Here's a little more detailed background info on the character: who he is, how he came to exist, and what he can do... thanks to Marvel:

Sandhurst worked as an electro-mechanical/chemical research scientist. His obsession with control brought his downfall as a scientist when his refusal to obey ethical restraints got him banned from most research facilities. Sandhurst was prone to fits of rage, and in an attempt to calm him, his brother Vincent inadvertently triggered a lab explosion, crippling Basil. Vincent, guilt-ridden, outfitted Basil with an automated lab, in which Basil bonded a super-strong exoskeleton to his body, powered by the cerebral energies from those around him using his slave discs.

The Controller designed his armored exoskeleton, which is micro-surgically attached to his body from head to toe and grants him mobility, as well as superhuman strength and endurance. He uses “slave discs” to control others, using the micro-circuitry in his helmet to drain cerebral energy from his victims to power his exoskeleton and magnify its strength and duplicate his victim’s abilities. He has limited psychokinetic and telepathic abilities, the ability to control the actions of any one person wearing one of his slave discs, and the ability to fire mental bolts of force from his helmet. He can psionically control “weak-willed” subjects even without his discs. He flies via boot-jets and has employed image inducers, stun mists, and other technology as needed.

The Controller originally used a mental wave absorbatron to convert cerebral energies for use by his exoskeleton, though this device was rendered obsolete after Thanos improved the Controller’s equipment. The discs now increase his physical attributes in geometric progression to numbers of victims wearing slave discs, and he was able to control the actions of all persons wearing the discs.

The Controller is a highly skilled chemist and mechanical engineer, with a college degree in chemistry and electrical and mechanical engineering.

He'll make a great villain in this film, and I'm so excited to see how this movie turns out! I don't think a lot of people realize how epically awesome it could be! 

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