CALVIN & HOBBES - Dark and Gritty Fan Made Trailer


Whenever Hollywood decides to reboot something these days the first thing they want to do is give a grounded dark and gritty tone. Calvin & Hobbes creator Bill Watterson has never sold the rights to his beloved comic strip, and I imagine that's because he feared Hollywood would just screw it up. I don't blame him.

A team of writers and web filmmakers known as Gritty Reboots have created an awesome fake trailer that envisions Calvin & Hobbes as a dark and gritty film adaptation. The story centers on Calvin who's now a grown-up being tormented by his imagination. His childhood imaginary friend, Hobbes, whom Calvin shared many of his adventures and time with goes rogue, trying to take over Calvin's brain, and he must fight back to survive.

While growing up, Calvin's imagination always kept him sane. He didn't have many friends, so he created one. As he got older, he tried to leave childish things behind. But his imagination had a different plan.

Enjoy the video! 

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