Vampire Queen Fantasy Art for LEGEND OF THE CRYPTIDS

ArtGames by Joey Paur

Check out these two amazing pieces of fantasy art for the online game Legend of the Cryptids. The art was created by CGHUB artist Cryptcrawler, and both pieces feature the Dark Queen Guinevere. Here's what the artist said about each illustration,

The advanced/prestigious/experienced version of Dark Queen Guinevere for Applibot's Legend of the Cryptids game. I really had a ball doing the costuming for this one - particularly the helmet - as well as being able to employ a little more "sauce" in the ladies' outfits. I was going to go over the top with the queen's regalia but decided that a vampire queen would probably rely more on force of personality and less on flash and flesh to exact her will.

This is just another more adult version of the same character. 

One of two pieces I had the privilege of illustrating for Applibot's Legend of the Cryptids online card game. Really great company to work for, they treated me like gold and gave me a lot of playroom to design with. Took some guilty pleasure in illustrating something a little more on the adult side as well since I never really get to do it anymore

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